How can I capture a still shot from a youtube vid?

Answer or you could just try the printscreen button.if your computer has that.then paste the image somewhere.

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How to Capture a DVD Still From a Mac Screen?

Mac computers are incredibly popular due to their sleek design, user-friendly operating system and high-definition screens that are perfect for watching DVDs. Macs come with a built-in screenshot p... Read More »

How to Capture a Still Photo From a DVD?

In order to obtain a still image from a DVD, you will need to view the DVD on your computer, fast-forward to the appropriate scene, and isolate the frame you want to capture. Once you've done this,... Read More »

What is a good program to capture audio from a streaming video on youtube?

An easier way is to download the audio from the video. You can use any of these sites to do that. It's very simple.

Is Bo from Shot at Love 2 still single?

no...i don't think so...if u go to his myspace photos he has this picture with this girl and in the bottom it says "my future wife"so he is NOT single.he will get married soon...