How can I burn movies on itunes onto a DVD to play in my DVD player?

Answer First of all, I just want to say that the first post is incorrect. Is it legal to do this? No. Is it possible to do this? Yes. Can you buy movies from the iTunes Store and make them watchable on a ... Read More »

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If I burn a cd with itunes will it play in any cd player?

Why wont DVDs i burn on Itunes play on My Player/ Xbox 360?

well it has to be something besides data or audio format those won't work. not sure if itunes will even work with an xbox.

Where can i watch movies for free online and can i buy movies of of itunes and burn them to a disc for my TV?

Here are 25 of the best websites for free movies;…

How do I burn iTunes audio books onto a CD?

Open iTunes on your computer. Select the audio book you wish to write to CD and right click on it. Select "Create MP3 Version." A window will pop up that will ask where you want to save it to. Save... Read More »