How can I build my own aquarium filter?

Answer Aquarium life---fish, turtles and aquarium plants---produce wastes that need to be removed from the water to ensure optimal aquarium health. Although in some cases, the life itself can remove some ... Read More »

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DIY Aquarium Filter Systems?

Aquarium enthusiasts with do-it-yourself (DIY) skills may be interested in building their own filtration systems for their aquariums. Aquarium filters help keep the water quality high by removing u... Read More »

How to Filter Sand Dust From an Aquarium?

An aquarium contains many different components, including a bed of sand. There are several types of sand available for use in an aquarium. These include blasting sand, play sand and coral sand. Ove... Read More »

How much charcoal is used in a fish aquarium filter?

The amount of carbon needed in an aquarium varies, and there is no set general amount. Aquarium filter manufactures make prepackaged carbon inserts for their products that contain the correct amoun... Read More »

What is the best aquarium filter for large tanks?

On One Hand: Classic Power FiltersPower filters are the most commonly used and widely available filtration options on the market, and are manufactured to handle even large aquariums with minimum ma... Read More »