How can I build a solar-powered generator?

Answer A solar-powered generator is an extremely useful device to have around for emergencies or even to take with you on a camping trip. A small solar-powered generator can be used to power fans, radios ... Read More »

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What is a solar-powered generator?

A solar generator is a device that transforms the energy of the sun into electrical energy. It can then be used to power lights, appliances, machinery or any other objects that rely on standard ele... Read More »

How to Build a Hand Powered DC Generator?

To make a hand-powered DC generator, you can use any small DC motor and a handful of parts, including a small gear set. To help the motor produce electricity, it needs to spin fast. The gear set in... Read More »

How to Build a Small Wind Powered Generator?

There are two ways you can go when deciding to generate your own electricity with wind power. On the one hand, you can invest in an expensive turbine system that will take care of all your needs bu... Read More »

How to Build a Solar Powered Laptop Charger?

A method for powering portable computers by photovoltaic means. Netbooks, notebooks, MP3 players charged by the sun.