How can I bring down my blood pressure?

Answer cut back or elimanate sugar,salt, caffine in your diet and look for foods with added salt and sugar this causes high blood pressure too

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Nitroglycerin.For emergency situations, the best thing is to get your mother to a hospital, or call her physician.There are many medications on the market. For hypertension, there are beta-blockers... Read More »

How can I bring up my blood pressure fast, when it is way to low?

How do I bring my blood sugar down?

They say cinnamon is very good for lowering blood sugar. They sell cinnamon tablets in Wal-Mart specifically designed to lower blood sugar.

Foods that bring blood sugar down naturally?

If you think you are diabetic you should be checked by your doctor, if you have been diagnosed as a diabetic then you need to follow the advice of your doctor.The best way to keep you glucose level... Read More »