How can I bring down my blood pressure?

Answer cut back or elimanate sugar,salt, caffine in your diet and look for foods with added salt and sugar this causes high blood pressure too

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How can I bring up my blood pressure fast, when it is way to low? to bring down blood pressure fast?

Nitroglycerin.For emergency situations, the best thing is to get your mother to a hospital, or call her physician.There are many medications on the market. For hypertension, there are beta-blockers... Read More »

Do you know if you have your blood pressure low/high you can bring it to a normal by tuning your heart?

mind and heart work together to keep the body fit and healthy.if two of them start working against each other then both are effecting the body and even soul can not live there any long. SO we must ... Read More »

Does heat affect blood pressure in other words, if it's hot outside does it raise or lower blood pressure?

One of the many ways the body has, to regulate and maintain body temperature, is by circulation of the blood. While it's obvious that in cold weather more blood (at the right temperature) is sent r... Read More »