How can I block my wife from checking around on my laptop?

Answer Put a password

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I was checking my answers in yahoo, but suddenly my laptop showed a blue screen and my laptop was restarted.?

BSOD (commonly called the blue screen of death) can have many times many causes. It could be something as simple as a driver issue, corrupted software or corrupted windows installation, or be as in... Read More »

My son is on his computer all hours of the night how can i block just him so me and my wife can still go on?

First off, as a parent? I don't F@#$ing think so! I most certainly can control when you are online. and i WILL take it if that's the only option available to me. you will use it in the kitchen ... Read More »

Both me and my wife work at H& R block the printer/scanner ran out of paper so she climb on top and press scan?

Send me a the copy for a second opinion....LMAO yes you should tell her, how embarassing to have that seen.

Can I buy a laptop for my wife on a budget of around £300-£400?

Yes they are that low in price now. PC world/curry/dixons (all same company) will do one for £350 to £400, normally an HP or Advent. Secondly Dell will do one at about the same price. I suggest P... Read More »