How can I block my wife from checking around on my laptop?

Answer Put a password

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Can I buy a laptop for my wife on a budget of around £300-£400?

Yes they are that low in price now. PC world/curry/dixons (all same company) will do one for £350 to £400, normally an HP or Advent. Secondly Dell will do one at about the same price. I suggest P... Read More »

Can your boyfriends ex wife prevent you from being around their children?

Yes, if she has custody and its at her residence,she can say who and when people can visit. If she can produce any evidence of abuse to C.Y.S. you can also be prohibited.If your boyfriend has joint... Read More »

I was checking my answers in yahoo, but suddenly my laptop showed a blue screen and my laptop was restarted.?

BSOD (commonly called the blue screen of death) can have many times many causes. It could be something as simple as a driver issue, corrupted software or corrupted windows installation, or be as in... Read More »

My son is on his computer all hours of the night how can i block just him so me and my wife can still go on?

First off, as a parent? I don't F@#$ing think so! I most certainly can control when you are online. and i WILL take it if that's the only option available to me. you will use it in the kitchen ... Read More »