How can I block my mom from looking at my facebook?

Answer And if she does find out you sneaked and made another she is even less likely to trust you for other things. I wonder what you did to make her delete your other account?? Making one behind her ba... Read More »

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How do you block someone from facebook?

Settings > Privacy Settings > then scroll to the bottom and there is a place that says "Block People"Enter their name

How to Block Likes From Showing on Facebook?

Facebook is the popular social networking site that allows users to connect with family, friends, co-workers and any other online associates. Users can share information through posts, photos and v... Read More »

How Do I Block Facebook Access From a Computer?

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc."Right-click the "Hosts" file and choose "Open." Select "Notepad" as the opening program. " localhost" should be visi... Read More »

How to block someone from seeing facebook pictures?

An far as I know, you can't. Mabey you should: A. Quit facebook B. Stop posting pictures C. change your settings to where only your friends can see them.