How can I block aggressive internet popups?

Answer If the ads have the title "Ads not by Facebook" that means they are being inserted by an adware / malware program. To get rid of it, first uninstall any browser extensions or other software that yo... Read More »

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How Do I Block Internet Popups?

Internet Explorer 8Launch Internet Explorer. Click the "Tools" drop-down menu. Select "Pop-up Blocker." Click "Turn On Pop-up Blocker." Close the window. Restart your browser.Safari 3Launch Safari.... Read More »

How do i block popups on internet explorer?

Blocking Pop-upsOpen an Internet Explorer window. Click on tools on the toolbar menu above the screen. Scroll down to pop-up blocker and highlight it with your mouse. To the right, you will either ... Read More »

How do I block popups using a Web browser?

Blocking PopupsLocate your browser's privacy settings. For most browsers, this will be under the "Preferences" drop box, or under the "Tools" drop box at the top of the screen. Then select "Options... Read More »

How do I block popups in yahoo?

Add Pop-up Blocker to Your ToolbarClick the "Settings" button located on your Yahoo! toolbar in internet explorer. Select "Add/Edit Buttons". Make sure the "Popular tab" is selected. Click "Pop-up ... Read More »