I want to become prettier /sexyer any tips?

Answer Get clean. Start with a good shower every morning, or a bath at night. Feeling and looking clean is crucial. Wash with a nice smelling body soap. Get out and pat yourself dry with a towel, and rub ... Read More »

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How can you make yourself become more "prettier"?

BE POPULAR:Be yourself, don't try too hard. If they don't like you because you're you, they aren't your friends. People who like you for who you are, they are the real populars, and they are the co... Read More »

How can I become a prettier and healthier and have more fun as a teen?

Set your goal. Picture yourself what you wanna be how you wanna be when you are 29. Make lots and lots of friends who are loved by EVERYONE. ..join taekwondo lesson.

Who's prettier with a prettier smile?

GIRL B!! I believe I answered your other question about the eyes, once again, you are much prettier! Stop worrying, ok? You are beautiful, we all are :)

How can I be prettier?

Your probably not ugly and if you are(which your probably not) then remember their is way worse. also try to wear different clothes or different shoes do something different with your hair. Just ex... Read More »