How can I be less fat!!!!!!!?

Answer thats not that much you sound good to me im 5'3 and i weigth 158 and i dont look fat just a lil average , i could recomend you herbalife shakes they are good and ive lost some good weigth with that... Read More »

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My external drive is conected to my computer but tge memory is gettin less and less think its cos the backup?

Hi,Yes you can delete some of the old backups, just keep a few days worth.Arnak

Why should taxpayers accept anything less than the healthcare of our employees (Obama et al) are we less human?

Well, I think "mommanuke" may have unwittingly nuked her youthful brain because she never even answered your question in big, bold letters, but went off on you for getting irrational just because y... Read More »

What is a good but less expensive computer printer home use,that will also print pictures for less tha $100.?

You need to decide what you want and then see how they are rated. Amazon is a good place since they have a lot of users reviews. Not whatever one you decide on, before you buy check out how much it... Read More »

How to Eat Less?

Obesity is quickly becoming a serious problem, not just in the United States but also around the world. The quest for a healthier and thinner lifestyle can be hard and sometimes disappointing, but ... Read More »