How can I avoid getting stomach cramps when i run?

Answer I believe theres 2 answers to your question. A lot of people think that its what you eat that has an effect on your stomach. i.e. eatting and running too soon.I believe its a combination of Breathi... Read More »

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Is running stomach tiredness and stomach cramps a sign of pregnancy?

Is bad stomach cramps and pain in the stomach a COMMON sign of pregnancy?

Bad pain or stomach cramps are not a common sign of pregnancy but can happen. This can be caused by a fallopian cyst or by a tubal pregnancy so it should be evaluated by your medical provider.

Medicine for Stomach Cramps & Gas?

Everyone experiences stomach cramps and gas pain at some point. The uncomfortable feeling isn't typically serious, but it can be troublesome and embarrassing. Stomach pain medications may provide r... Read More »

Horrible stomach cramps?

Hot water bottle, paracetamol, iron tablets :)Never fails x