How can I audit an MS SQL Server, what software should I use?

Answer You should design an audit strategy and there are several ways of doing things1) You can store your audit information within SQL Server itself. There are many ways of achieving this. You can store ... Read More »

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Is there any unix server to which you can connect through putty I want to practice Unix programming but I don't know what software I should use. I tried putty but I can't find any virtual server?

You need to talk to your administrator, vendor, or ISP to see what servers are available to you.

Hardware Raid Server Vs. Software Raid Server?

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk) is a system that uses several hard drives to improve speed, data security or both. Two types of RAID system can be used. Software RAID uses the hard drive... Read More »

What is server network software?

Server network software is the network operating system that is installed on the server of a client/server network to handle the sharing of resources between clients and the distribution of service... Read More »

What Server Do I Use for the Ventrilo Software?

Ventrilo is an Internet voice-over-IP program with a client/server structure. One user hosts a server that all other users connect to. Unlike other programs, such as Skype, there is no single, cent... Read More »