How can I attract new customers to a fairly new pizza place?

Answer You've got to give people an offer they can't refuse (most people already have a favorite pizza place), so bite the bullet and offer a great price on your pizza's for one week and make sure each an... Read More »

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What pizza chain sells the cheapest pizza but still tastes fairly good?

domino's, i would say little caesars but little caesars tastes awful

I work for a pizza restuarant & Im running out of ideas for marketing. What would attract you to a pizza joint?

Do pizza by the slice along with a small bowl of salad. A local company here does that and the families come in by the drove.

How to attract customers to a bar in the off season?

Definaltly a local band, preferably a cover band. I know that is one of my favorite things about going to a good bar is listening to live music, other than the drinking of course. Also happy hour ... Read More »

How to Attract Customers to Your Lemonade Stand?

Just how do you attract customers to your lemonade stand over the competition across the road? Here are some lemonade secrets you need to try!