How can I add text to Adobe PDF files?

Answer 1- Use Adobe Photoshop , and open it with photoshop . then click on the A icon on the left panel .2- Use Adobe Acrobat (not reader only ).3- Free download PDF Editor : Read More »

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How do I add text to Adobe PDF files?

Add and Insert Text using the TouchUp ToolIn Adobe Acrobat, open the PDF. Select the TouchUp tool and click in the location of the PDF where you want to add text. Type your text. With the TouchUp t... Read More »

How do I convert Microsoft Excel files to Adobe PDF files?

Check to see if your computer has Adobe Acrobat and PDF software. If it doesn't, you can get the software online from the Adobe website. If you're using a version of Excel before 2007, click "File"... Read More »

How do I convert dvd files to avi files with Adobe Premiere 8?

Preparing FilesChange your VOB DVD files to MPEG files because Adobe Premiere 8 cannot import VOB files directly. Right click on the file, click "Rename" and place ".MPG" at the end of the file to ... Read More »

How to Convert DVD Files to AVI Files With Adobe Premiere 8?

Premiere is video editing software made by Adobe, the same company that makes popular programs like Photoshop. When put onto a computer, a DVD video file is technically a VOB file. The file extensi... Read More »