How can I add multiple values from multiple sheets in Excel?

Answer Let's say the running total for each month is on cell A1 of each sheet (month)On the Total Sheet, create the following formula to add up all the totals for each month.=Sheet1!A1+Sheet2!A1+Sheet3!A1... Read More »

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How to Use Vlookup for Multiple Values in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, the Vlookup function is used for searching through multiple values positioned vertically in a spreadsheet. It can be quite useful when you're trying to create a formula-full spr... Read More »

How to Locate Duplicate Values in Multiple Columns in Excel?

When using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you may need to locate and remove duplicate values in two different columns. The software allows you to find duplicate cells of data and displays every re... Read More »

How do I add multiple sheets to a workbook in Excel 2007?

Hold the "Shift" button on the keyboard and highlight as many existing tabs as you want to create new tabs.Click on the "Home" tab on the top of Microsoft Excel, then click "Insert."Click "Insert S... Read More »

How to Calculate the Mode of Multiple Values?

People studying math regularly have difficulty distinguishing mean, median and mode. This generally stems from the fact that all three computations start with the same letter and all relate to find... Read More »