How can I add digital channels to my tv manually?

Answer call the cable guy

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How do I Get a Digital Device to See Channels 32-71 on a TV?

You have three options if you're looking to access digital channels 32-71. You can use a digital antenna, though you won't receive every channel since some are not local. The second option is to or... Read More »

How to Scan for Channels on an iLo Digital TV?

The Wal-Mart budget electronics brand iLo is stamped on digital televisions and DVD players. ILO has a built-in scan available to find local channels through the TV antenna or digital connection. T... Read More »

What are channels on a digital hearing aid?

Digital hearing aids have dominated the hearing aid market since the late 1990s, almost completely replacing analog circuit hearing aids. According to Todd A. Ricketts, director of the Dan Maddox H... Read More »

How to Use a DVD Recorder to Record Digital Channels?

DVD recorders allow home users to record content directly from a TV or other device onto blank DVDs that can be kept to watch any time. DVD recorders are relatively inexpensive, simple to use, and ... Read More »