How can I achieve my goal of losing 10lbs a month (3 months) ANSWER PLEASE!?

Answer that's totally doable. I lost 80 pounds in 7 months and here's what i did:Food:it is absolutely vital before anything else that you do NOT break this rule: drink between 64 and 120 ounces of ICE CO... Read More »

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Is losing 25 pounds a reasonable 2 month weight loss goal?

Yeah 25 lbs seems reasonable enough, considering I lost nearly 30 lbs in 2 weeks..however the way I lost that weight was by not eating for those 2 weeks and I do not reccommend that, its a bad idea... Read More »

10lbs a week too high of a goal?

It's better to lose weight slowly. It is a proven fact that if you lose it slow you will keep it off. Where as if you lose it fast, you're more likely to gain it back.

Is it normal for your iugr baby born 4lbs at 37 weeks still be a incredibly small 10lbs at 9 months?

I'm sorry i don't have an answer, but my 3 month old does the same thing! i will get back if i find anymore info!

Is it possible to achieve my goal?

In that salad will only probably be somewhere around 80 calories at most. Just by dieting will you lose 20lbs in 2 months? Yes it's possible. Don't stress going to your friends birthday foods. Go a... Read More »