How can I access my now locked wifi?

Answer I'm not going to help you or anyone else gain unauthorized access to any network period. If it's actually your Wi-Fi then you should have PHYSICAL ACCESS to the router which is broadcasting the sig... Read More »

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How do you access wifi on acer e130 if phone is locked?

If I understood you correctly, downloading apps to sdcard is by default on android phones that have sdcard... Did I get you right?

WiFi. Neighbour using my wifi to access internet?

Allowing your neighbor to use the connection to your ISP without their paying for it is a crime. It is called "theft of services". You can be fined, charged for his usage, and possibly even face ... Read More »

How do U connect a Samsung Galaxy Player to a locked wifi connection ?

Well, the wireless access point in her house does not accept the password. That can really only mean that the password is wrong. Double/triple check for capital/small letters etc. You can possibly ... Read More »

Mac wifi access help ?

It is probably still using an IP address that has now been allocated to someone else.System Preferences > Network > Advanced button > TCP/IP tab > Renew DHCP Lease button > OK