How can I accept checks by phone?

Answer Any business that accepts off-site payment from customers or clients can use a check-by-phone system to create "demand drafts" or "sight drafts" that are legally accepted for deposit by banks. Acce... Read More »

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How to Accept Traveler's Checks?

An individual who is traveling and does not want to carry a lot of cash will often use a traveler's check to make purchases. By doing so, his money is protected from loss or theft. When he purchase... Read More »

How do I accept checks at a business?

Verify Check by PhoneCall the issuing bank to verify the amount of the check. Some banks allow you to do this by phone, others ask you to come in person to verify the check. The verification is in ... Read More »

Do banks accept third-party checks?

Some banks will accept third-party checks, and others will not. Some banks will accept third-party checks if they have been endorsed over to a person. The only way to actually tell is to contact an... Read More »

How to Accept Certified Bank Checks for Cars?

A certified bank check is a personal or business check stamped by the bank as "certified," signifying that the signature is real and that the money is guaranteed. Certified bank checks can be fraud... Read More »