How can I a 13 year old help children in poverty?

Answer I recommend just donating money to charities that help children in poverty or sponser a child i am 16 and i have been to places that are poverty affected to help kids over there me and my friend ra... Read More »

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How to Teach Reading Comprehension to Children of Poverty?

Growing up in a poor neighborhood, often with an overworked single-parent who may have little education, is a definite disadvantage educationally, economically and socially. Children of poverty beg... Read More »

Does adopting children from Africa "perpetuate" and "worsen poverty"?

It certainly doesn't help.If anything adoption is breeding crime......look at Guatemala and the crime perpetuated by foreigners buying children. The baby brokering business had to be almost comple... Read More »

What year did Oscar Lewis write"Culture of Poverty"?

"Theories of Poverty: The Culture of Poverty" was a concept that Oscar Lewis first wrote about in his book "Five Families: Mexican Case Studies in the Culture of Poverty." It was published in 1975.... Read More »

Can a 29-year-old father who was convicted of a felony when he was a 20-year-old gain custody of his children in Ohio?

Answer If you have a good lawyer and proof that your the safer, more stable parent, then maybe. It would also depend on your conviction. If you are a predator of any sort then forget it. Consult a... Read More »