How can I Convince my mom to let me wear makeup . I feel mature now?

Answer HiLet your skin breath use a tinted moisturiser not thick makeup you are very young for makeup you should never cover up acne it will get worse use a facial scrub and a moisturiser to help calm th... Read More »

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How to convince my mom to wear makeup?

well i use dinair airbrush makeup and i love their covers up everything and it makes my skin look flawless but its super natural looking at the same time...its also all water based so it... Read More »

How do I convince parents to let me wear makeup?

Get on some anti-anxiety meds to help you stop pulling out your lashes. Lashes are meant to help keep foreign bodies (stuff) out of your eyes. Without that protection, you don't need anything that ... Read More »

How to convince your parents to let you wear makeup?

Hi there Im Jessica, Im 23 a qualified makeup artist and own a promotional modeling agency (so plenty of experience). HONESTLY natural is beautiful you are young and young is beautiful... to be ho... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents You're Old Enough to Wear Makeup to School?

You'd want less makeupEventually you're going to want to wear makeup to school. You're parent's may let you, or they may not. If you're reading this, then you're not taking no for an answer. This g... Read More »