How can I "BEAM" my computer stuff to my TV?

Answer There are many boxes out there to do it. (Although I never tried it.) Go to this link to see several options. (I just googled " How do I watch computer stuff on my tv.") Read More »

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What is the Difference Between a Solid Beam & a Twisted Beam Axle?

The solid beam axle has been used since man has connected two wheels together. It was the original axle in the automobile. The twisted beam axle, also know as independent rear wheel axle, allows mo... Read More »

Can I buy a new computer and put my oId stuff on there?

Well!The first person is telling to get a USB Flash drive is the nice way to tranfer the data.But if you have a very great capacity hard disk and have many many data.then a flash drive will not bes... Read More »

Can I Do Stuff While Defragmenting My Computer?

On One Hand: Some ProgramsYou can use some programs on your computer while running the defragmentation function. Chose programs that don't require a lot of memory, like editing a text document or p... Read More »

How do I scan stuff on my computer?

Your printer may have a "scanner" built in ..look at the printer manual. If you dont have a "built in " scanner you would need a "flat bed" scanner. they usually come with the necessary drivers and... Read More »