How came when you yawn you get tears in your eyes?

Answer same thing for me too,,its regular and you cant do any thing about it..

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How come my eyes water ALOT when i yawn?

To help understand why tears will roll down your cheeks when you yawn, it helps to understand how tears are made, what they do, and where they go when they are done.The tear film has three layers. ... Read More »

What is the best artificial tears for dry eyes?

Viscotears are that best in my opinion. I have chronic arthritis which can leave the sufferer with dry eye syndrome and these are the one that I use.

Which movies have brought tears to your eyes?

Ashamed as I am to admit it, I must say that one scene in Click (I won't spoil what happens) made me choke up. Tears might've fallen if my friends weren't right there with me. It just blew my mind ... Read More »

What is(are) the movie(s) that has(have) brought tears to your eyes?