How bottlenecked will this GPU be if I install it into my PC?

Answer I'll be complete as I can in this:It's hard to know when you would end up with when systems are bottlenecked in multiple ways.Yes, Pentium Dual-Core E5700 @ 3.00GHz at passmark 2006 is a bottleneck... Read More »

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Could i install a graphics card into this?

An APU is basically a CPU and a GPU combined (they literally put the processor and the graphics card into 1 chip). So it would depend on if the motherboard has a spot for a graphics card and it loo... Read More »

Will we get into this concert?

You should either find someone old enough or i guess you could ask people outside to pretend they are with you. but they might be able to tell if your tickets say the seating is across the stadium.

Will this heatsink fit into my case?

Should fit without a problem as it is an aftermarket case and the designers usually take this into account, if it doesn't you can always return it

Will this Power Supply fit into my PC?

All PSUs are a standard size and will fit any tower.You'll even find the mounting screw holes will even line up.The same with drive bays. They are all the same size in any tower.Towers have always ... Read More »