How big were the stone blocks from ancient Egypt?

Answer Stone blocks in ancient Egypt varied in size, but many were incredibly large. The average stone block used on The Great Pyramid of Giza, for example, measured 5 feet tall, 8 feet wide and 12 feet d... Read More »

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Who were the Hittites in ancient Egypt?

The Hittites were an Indo-European people who migrated southward to Turkey in about 2000 BC and brought with them a knowledge of horses. They also discovered how to smelt iron to make tools and wea... Read More »

How were tools used in ancient egypt?

The ancient Egyptians created one of the most powerful civilizations and some of the most enduring artifacts in human history. Remarkably, they did so using tools and devices little different from ... Read More »

Where were mummies buried in Ancient Egypt?

The earliest-known Egyptians burial sites were small pits in the desert of Egypt. By burying their dead in the sand, the arid desert sand dehydrated the bodies quickly, creating mummies. Egyptian r... Read More »

What Were Men's Roles in Ancient Egypt?

To a modern person, ancient Egyptian culture, with its pyramids and mummies, might seem quite indecipherable, but modern scholars have been uncovering hints of daily life, and gender roles, for cen... Read More »