How big should nesting boxes be for chickens?

Answer Chicken nesting boxes are an ideal place for a hen to lay her eggs. A suggested size for the nesting boxes are 12 by 12 by12 inches. However, you may need to build larger depending on the size of y... Read More »

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How to Get Your Chickens to Lay in Nesting Boxes?

Nesting boxes provide your hens with a place to rest and lay their eggs. If you can train your chickens to lie in their nesting boxes, you can conveniently collect their eggs every morning. Without... Read More »

How to: Herb and Nesting Boxes?

Nesting boxes are a series of three or more boxes with lids in gradually larger sizes. You can fit one inside the other from small to large in a stack. All of the boxes will be inside the largest o... Read More »

Are old car tires good for nesting boxes?

I can't see why they would be a problem. I would think they are a little large - chickens normally like enclosures, not just something round - but will take whatever you give them.

How to Design Chicken Nesting Boxes?

Keeping chickens can require significant time and patience before egg laying can begin. Luckily, most hens are not exceptionally picky about their choice in nesting sites, and there is no need to i... Read More »