How big should my dining room table be?

Answer When you want to make sure that people enjoy eating and socializing in your home, one of the most important choices that you can make is how large your dining room table should be. Your dining room... Read More »

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Should I buy a dining room table Here is the situation.?

Nail, glue or drill and bolt a flat hunk of wood to your legs, if at all possible, in the vertical, edge on, just below your knees, or above if you like. Instant table everywhere you go!! Always a ... Read More »

How high should a dining room table be?

On One Hand: The Standard SizeA dining room table should be high enough to give plenty of clearance when guests sit down. Your knees should not bang the underside of the table when seated. The tabl... Read More »

How to Set a Formal Dining Room Table?

Preparing for a formal dinner party at your home can be a bit mind-boggling with the preparation of the food, dessert and drinks. Worrying about the proper placement of the table settings should no... Read More »

How much room is needed for a dining table?

A dining room should allow at least 48 inches clearance on all sides of the table for there to be free movement around the room. A 36-inch round table should go in a room at least 10-feet square. A... Read More »