How big should a dog kennel be?

Answer The necessary kennel size is dependent upon the size of the dog. For the dog's comfort, the kennel should be at least as wide as two times the dog's width at the widest part. The length of your ke... Read More »

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What should a kennel assistant do with the scrubs at the end of a shift to prevent infecting another dog?

Answer Use a detergent with bleach in it and put it in the washer (at home) ASAP and then have a good shower. I worked in an office with 5 doctors and had to wash my uniform and also take a good ... Read More »

How to Go to the Kennel on Nintendogs?

In order to purchase items or when you unlock new items in Nintendogs, you must visit the kennel. Here is how to find it.

How to Dog-Proof a Kennel?

Whether you are using a kennel for your dog for potty training, or just as a place your dog can retreat to, you need to know how to set up the kennel in a dog-friendly way. Creating a safe and comf... Read More »

Regulations to Run a Dog Kennel?

Running a dog kennel for profit or for breeding requires a number of different regulations, which ensure the safe treatment of all the animals the kennel is in charge of looking after. Many of the ... Read More »