How big should a dog kennel be?

Answer The necessary kennel size is dependent upon the size of the dog. For the dog's comfort, the kennel should be at least as wide as two times the dog's width at the widest part. The length of your ke... Read More »

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What is canine kennel flu?

Also known as kennel cough, canine kennel flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease. If left untreated, canine kennel flu can be dangerous to your dog's health.IdentificationKennel cough can b... Read More »

What is kennel cough from?

Kennel cough, an infectious inflammation of the upper-respiratory tract, affects thousands of dogs each year. Most cases of kennel cough are caused by two or more infectious organisms. The infectio... Read More »

How to Dog-Proof a Kennel?

Whether you are using a kennel for your dog for potty training, or just as a place your dog can retreat to, you need to know how to set up the kennel in a dog-friendly way. Creating a safe and comf... Read More »

Kennel Help Job Descriptions?

Kennel workers take on a variety of tasks depending on the type of kennel. For example, workers at a shelter kennel may be responsible for processing new animals, classifying animal breeds, cleanin... Read More »