How big should a child be to be out of a booster?

Answer 7 or 8, depends how tall/short the child is.

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When can my child use a booster seat in the car?

On One Hand: Weight MattersAccording to author and pediatric expert Heidi Murkoff, your child can safely wear a booster seat in the car when she outgrows a traditional car seat, usually at around 4... Read More »

When can a child use a booster seat?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises that, once a child outgrows a standard forward-facing car seat, he should be placed in a booster seat. This usually occurs at the age of 4... Read More »

When does a child not need a car booster seat?

How old does the child have to be in a booster seat?

It doesn't matter about the weight or height. For safety the child should be fifteen or older.