How big of an attachment can i sent with aol?

Answer AOL allows email files to be sent with sizes up to 16 megabytes. That maximum file size includes a combination of the sender's emails headers, body text and attachments. The maximum file size can i... Read More »

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How do i remove an attachment from sent items?

Open your Outlook and click on the Sent Items tab.Find the email you are looking to remove the attachment from. Open that email, and hover the mouse over the attachment. Right-click and save it to ... Read More »

How to Work With a Child With Reactive Attachment?

Reactive attachment is a disorder in which children fail to bond with parents or guardians. This normally occurs in children who are orphaned, abused or neglected. They also may not be receiving at... Read More »

How to Open an Email With an EML Attachment on a Mac Computer?

EML files are e-mail messages that were most likely saved in Microsoft Outlook, or another type of e-mail management software. There are plenty of Windows applications that can open an EML file, bu... Read More »

How Open a Video Attachment With a 3GP Extension?

There are literally hundreds of file extensions used in computing with companies creating more for each new application. The file extension "3GP" is commonly used for cell phone camera videos. Micr... Read More »