How big of a tank do i need for saltwater clown fish?

Answer A clown fish requires a fish tank that holds at least 20 gallons. It is important that you allow the tank to sit for up to one month before adding your clown fish, as this permits beneficial bacter... Read More »

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What do you need for a saltwater fish tank?

Saltwater fish need a closely regulated environment to thrive. You need a large tank with a heater, lighting and filtration, a good substrate, and chemicals and test kits to maintain the tank.Tank ... Read More »

How big of a tank do you need for saltwater fish?

The size of the aquarium you need to keep saltwater fish depends on the type of fish you get. A 30- to 55-gallon tank will be large enough to maintain the proper chemical balance and provide for a ... Read More »

What do I need for a 25 gal. saltwater fish tank?

Saltwater fishkeeping is an enjoyable, creative hobby, but many new aquarists are intimidated by the initial challenges of setting up a fish tank. A small, 25-gallon tank is an excellent starting p... Read More »

Do I need a UV sterilizer in my saltwater fish tank?

UV sterilizer's are not necessary for saltwater tanks that contain only fish, or for properly maintained tanks, according to Fish Lore. UV sterilizer's are water filtration units that use UV rays t... Read More »