How big of a hard drive will your computer handle?

Answer On One Hand: Depends on the Operating SystemDifferent operating systems support different file systems. Different file systems have different maximum partition sizes. Disk drives are partitioned ... Read More »

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Can you save your Xbox 360 hard drive on your computer hard drive?

You can save your XBox 360 hard drive onto your computer hard drive. It requires completely removing your XBox 360 hard drive from the system. This is not recommended by Microsoft, and will invalid... Read More »

How can I clean out my computer or my hard drive so it will be faster.?

If you are using Windows XP then use disk defragmenter to defragment your drives.And you can use disk clean up to clean your'll find this utilities at start>all programs>accessories>syst... Read More »

Will an External Hard Drive Speed Up My Computer?

External hard drives, in addition to giving you more room for files, can speed up your computer in certain circumstances. However, if you purchase an external drive specifically to speed up your sy... Read More »

Will adding an external hard drive speed up a computer?

yeah it would, but if the computers that old, its prolly a better investment to get another comp, there not that much now a days lol