How big of a flash drive do I really need on my iPad (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)?

Answer 16 GB will do. But I have a 32 GB iPad and it's really good to have lots of movies.

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Should you buy a 32gb ipad2 or a 64gb iPad 2?

If you can afford the extra $100 for 64gb, go for it. I have a 64gb and a year later I'm finding out i'm running low on space and I delete apps I no longer needed. If all you plan on doing is readi... Read More »

Should you get 64GB iPad or 16GB ipad2?

Ipad 2 because it comes with a camera and 4G

Which Ipad should I buy: 16GB or 32GB?

Nothing. You should get the Asus transformer prime. you can also buy an attachable keyboard so its like a laptop. It does everything the iPad does, but better.The camera on the prime is absolutey s... Read More »

Is a 16gb iPad 2 and a 32gb iPad 2 the same speed?

Yes they are the same speed ,same cruddy camera quality everything is the same except for the price difference of $100 (without tax) and the 16gb difference of memory