How to Accessorize a Teddy Bear at Build A Bear Workshop?

Answer Little teddy bearsDoes your teddy bear look boring and dull without any nice accessories and clothes? These simple steps will show you how to get a nice looking teddy bear.

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My teddy bear has the flu?

First, before treating him, you need to wear a mask. Teddy bear flus are highly contagious. Then you need to make sure he's getting plenty of fluids. Dehydration is the leading cause of teddy bear ... Read More »

How to Refurbish a Teddy Bear?

After being subjected to years of relentless hugging, squishing and being dragged through the dirt, your teddy bear will harbour grime that it has accumulated over the years, will have failing seam... Read More »

How to Celebrate Teddy Bear Day?

On November 14, it's National Teddy Bear Day, you have a teddy bear, and you want to give him/her and yourself a wonderful Teddy Bear Day that you'll never forget? Read on to see clear steps, tips,... Read More »

How big are teddy bear hamsters?

Depending on their environment, teddy bear hamsters can grow to be five inches long. However, their fluffy fur can make them look larger. Teddy bear hamsters are the second largest breed of hamster... Read More »