How big is the tail of a racing pigeon?

Answer According to the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc., the tail should extend approximately 3/4 to1 inch past the tips of the wings. So, the tail is around 3/4 to 1 inch in length on a racing pigeon.... Read More »

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What is a racing pigeon?

A type of bird, the racing pigeon originated in Africa and Asian and is sometimes called a carrier pigeon or by its scientific name Columba livia. Racing pigeons have found use in the international... Read More »

How many racing pigeon strains are there?

Racing pigeons are not purebreds but products of a number of strains mixed together. The Pigeon Racing Page indicates 43 different breeds. Silvio Mattachione & Co. notes that fanciers in each count... Read More »

Pigeon Racing Tips?

Ask anyone who's raised pigeons and he'll tell you there is a distinctive fulfillment in seeing these birds fly away and then return to their lofts. However, there's more to raising these avians as... Read More »

Is fishing permitted on the little pigeon river in pigeon forge, tennessee?

With a fishing permit registered in the state of Tennessee, outdoors enthusiasts are permitted to fish in several areas along the banks of Tennessee's Little Pigeon River. Visitors and residents in... Read More »