How big is the gas tank in a Saturn Vue?

Answer Depending on the model, the 2009 Saturn VUE is equipped with a 17-, 18- or 19-gallon gas tank. The four-cylinder XE, XR and V6 XR have a 19-gallon tank, the Red Line model has a 17-gallon tank and ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Gas Tank in a 1997 Saturn Sl2?

Gasoline is extremely flammable, so take extra precautions when you work on any part of the fuel system. Don't smoke or allow open flames or bare light bulbs near the work area. Do not work in a ga... Read More »

How to Replace the Coolant Recovery Tank in a Saturn Ion?

If you work on your Saturn Ion's thermometer or its coolant temperature sensor, you need to deal with the coolant recovery tank. In the Saturn Ion, the coolant recovery tank is called the coolant s... Read More »

Do the wheels on a 2003 Saturn L200 fit on a 2007 Saturn Ion?

The 2003 Saturn L200 was equipped with 16-inch wheels that had an offset of 40mm, backspacing of 5.51" and 5-110 bolt pattern. All 2007 Saturn Ions, save the Redline trim, were equipped with wheel... Read More »

Do Saturn's rings rotate with Saturn?

Saturn's rings do rotate with Saturn. Any given particle in the rings, however, may be rotating faster or slower than another, or even in the opposite direction. Each particle has its own individua... Read More »