How big is the central arizona college campus?

Answer Central Arizona College is actually not just one campus. The college is made up of three different campuses and six different centers located throughout Pinal County. All nine campuses and centers ... Read More »

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Which is more expensive: living on campus or off campus (college)?

It is far more expensive to live on campus than off.For example, I will be attending the University of Maryland this fall. Off campus costs are around $8,000. However, on-campus will cost over $20,... Read More »

Off-Campus College Degrees?

Many people are choosing to earn off campus college degrees these days through online and correspondence schools. With such busy lives, people need the convenience of not having to attend classes o... Read More »

Campus-Free College Degrees?

Distance learning is a viable means of acquiring a college degree today. You no longer have to limit yourself to on-site colleges and universities, and you can attend at your leisure, allowing a mo... Read More »

How to Avoid Getting Lost on a College Campus?

Freaking big campus to get lost in!First day on the college campus and you are on your own and a constant invisible fear of getting lost in the campus haunts you ,but worry not everything has its f... Read More »