How big is the biggest dinosaur footprint?

Answer As of October 2009, the largest dinosaur footprints ever found measure up to 5 feet in diameter. French paleontologists discovered the footprints near Lyon, France, and believe them to belong to a ... Read More »

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Dinosaur Fossils Found in the U.S.A?

As wild and scary as it may be to imagine, dinosaurs of all types used to roam throughout the United States, with fossil findings such as the 5-foot-long ornithischian dinosaur on the East Coast, t... Read More »

What was the first dinosaur fossil found?

Found in 1819 by William Buckland in Stonsfield, England, the Megalosaurus Bucklandii is the first documented dinosaur fossil, a portion of the dinosaurs dentry, or "material including teeth and po... Read More »

When were the first dinosaur bones found?

Dinosaur fossils could have been discovered as long ago as 2,000 years ago in ancient China (thought to be dragon bones at the time), and in 1673 a "giant" bone was found in England. The first bone... Read More »

Which state has found the most dinosaur fossils?

More dinosaur fossils have been found in Wyoming and Montana than any other states. Each of those states has fossils from more than 50 types of dinosaurs known to have roamed North America. The two... Read More »