How big is the average Spencer's store?

Answer Spencer's is a national retail chain specializing in novelty, gag, edgy and humorous gifts. Most of the stores are located in malls; the average size of a Spencer's store is approximately 2,000 squ... Read More »

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What is spencers name out of iCarly?

Spencer's name out of iCarly is Jerry Trainor.

Where is there a Marks and Spencers near to reading?

Why is Spencers shirt blurred out in icarly Ithink they kissed?

I think it's for copyright reasons. If you have watched the episode in America it isn't blurred and it mentions the word "tweets" on the shirt, which is to do with twitter. So the twitter people pr... Read More »

What is the average salary of retail store managers?

According to PayScale, as of May 2010 retail store managers average a beginning annual salary of $28,305 to $40,438. At one to four years of experience, they make $29,523 to $41,742, and at five to... Read More »