How big is the USS Enterprise from Starfleet Command?

Answer The size of the USS Enterprise depends on the class. The original NCC-1701 Constitution Class measured 289 m long with a beam of 127.1 m and height of 72.6 m. The Galaxy Class NCC 1701-D measured 6... Read More »

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How do I run Starfleet Command in Windows XP?

Manual ConfigurationConfigure Windows XP manually to recognize and play older versions of Starfleet Command, which were written for Windows 95, 98 or ME. Repair patches are available from the game ... Read More »

Maritime command land force command and air command together make up the?

What does the drill command execute on the third command mean if it is even a real command?

When will nasa become starfleet?

I believe humans are about 100 years from becoming a warp capable culture so yep.