How big is the Sun compared to other stars in the Universe?

Answer The Sun is by far the largest object in our solar system, accounting for approximately 99 percent of all matter. However, while the Sun dwarfs other small stars and planets such as the Earth, it is... Read More »

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What is the size of the Sun compared to other stars in the universe?

The Sun, the star closest to Earth, is an average-size star, perhaps slightly smaller than other stars in the universe, according to the NF Observatory in New Mexico. The Sun and other stars simila... Read More »

How big are most stars compared to our sun?

The Earth's Sun has an average mass compared to most other stars, according to the NF Observatory. The biggest stars can get to be 10 times bigger than the Sun. Stars the size of our Sun are classi... Read More »

What Causes Stars to Form in the Universe?

Stars -- great, burning masses of hydrogen and helium -- turn slowly through space, recycling the matter of the universe as they go. The formation of a star is part of a cycle of birth, death and r... Read More »

The Stars in the Universe & Their Spacing?

Stars are massive balls of plasma that are luminous and held together by gravity. They are suspended in space by gravity as well, which normally prevents them from crashing into each other or other... Read More »