How big is the PSP slim Internet RAM?

Answer The PSP slim, officially the Sony PSP 2000, has 64MB of RAM. The original PSP had 32MB of RAM. More RAM enables games to run faster and increases the speed of Internet browsing.Source:CNET: Sony PS... Read More »

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DIY Slim Jim?

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How to Get a WEP Key for a PSP Slim?

The Sony PSP Slim can connect to a wireless router to play certain games on the Internet. If your wireless router has a security password, only devices that have the WEP security key can use the ne... Read More »

How to Use a Slim Jim?

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How to Unbrick a PSP Slim?

A bricked Sony PSP Slim is more or less a very expensive paperweight. A brick usually occurs when you are updating the PSP and lose power for one reason or another. If your PSP is under warranty st... Read More »