How big is the BBC company?

Answer The green teletubby's name is Dipsy.

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Is the company United American Insurance company a good company to work for?

Are they listed in the Fortune 500 Magazine? Probably not...check it out. I know that the company I work for was listed 5 years in a row and they put their money where their mouth is. Also, check o... Read More »

Why might the government try and prevent a large company from buying a smaller company?

If you have a claim pending with one insurance company can you change to another company?

Switching Insurance Carriers During a Claim Most insurance professionals advise against switching carriers haphazardly. Doing so could cause a gap in coverage, penalties or a mark against your cre... Read More »

How long should I retain company records after a company shutdown?

There are different guidelines for keeping business records when your company closes. In general, however, financial documents should be kept on hand for seven years. Never throw out IRAs and retir... Read More »