How big is the Anna Maria Island Bridge?

Answer The Anna Maria Island Bridge in Manatee County, Florida, which takes you to the seven-mile-long island, extends for 2 miles, including the sections of bridge over land. The bridge is a two-lane dra... Read More »

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Where is Anna Maria island located?

Anna Maria Island is located in west central Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. The island is located across the Perico Bayou from West Bradenton, Florida, and is accessible from the east by Florida Hi... Read More »

Are there alligators on Anna Maria Island in Florida?

Generally, alligators do not live on Anna Maria Island, Fla. because salt water surrounds the island and alligators cannot live in salt water for very long. They do not have salt glands. If you do ... Read More »

Where is anna maria, florida?

Anna Maria is a small city on the northern tip of Anna Maria Island. The island is off the west coast of Florida, near Bradenton, at the inlet to Tampa Bay. It is know for clean beaches and as a qu... Read More »

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