How big is the Amazon rainforest?

Answer According to the Smithsonian Institute, the Amazon rainforest, or its basin, covers over 2.7 million square miles, which holds 4,195 miles of the river including 15,000 tributaries. The Amazon Rive... Read More »

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How much of the Amazon rainforest is gone?

Twenty percent of the Amazon rainforest is gone, according to a June 2010 ABC News article. In 2009, "130,000 square kilometers of forest was cut down or burnt," according to that same article.Refe... Read More »

How much of the Amazon Rainforest is being cut down every year?

According to data from National Institute of Space Research, 2,705 square miles of the Amazon Rainforest forest were destroyed in 2009. This number is half the total amount destroyed in 2006 and a ... Read More »

Where is the Amazon rainforest situated?

The Amazon rainforest includes land in nine South American countries, primarily Brazil. The rain forest encompasses 1.4 billion acres of the Amazon River basin, which covers about 40 percent of the... Read More »

What biome is the Amazon rainforest?

Scientists categorize the Amazon as a tropical rainforest biome. Located near the equator, tropical rainforests flourish with year-round warm temperatures. The long growing season makes the Amazon ... Read More »