How big is the Acropolis?

Answer The Acropolis, which is located in Athens, Greece, is 1,050 feet long and 420 feet wide at the largest measurable point. The Acropolis sits 512 feet above sea level. The word "acropolis" means "upp... Read More »

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Who destroyed the Acropolis?

The Acropolis of Athens was a place of worship during the Mycenaean period. The three main temples--the Temple of Nike, the Erechteion, and the Parthenon--were all dedicated to the goddess Athena. ... Read More »

How tall is the Acropolis?

The Acropolis is the highest point in Athens, Greece. It is a large, flat, limestone outcropping that rises about 70 meters (230 feet) above the city. The Acropolis was a religious center during th... Read More »

What was the nickname of the Acropolis?

The Acropolis, built in the year 432 in Athens, Greece, is an impressive historical structure. It was dismantled in 1686, and rebuilt in 1836 - and again dismantled and reconstructed in 1936. It is... Read More »

Where is the Acropolis located?

The Acropolis, arguably the most famous sacred site in the world, is located in Athens, Greece. The Acropolis, which is Greek for "highest city," is home to some of the most important monuments in ... Read More »