How big is origami paper?

Answer Origami paper comes in a variety of sizes, from 2-by-2 inches to 10-by-10 inches, according to Nick Robinson in his book "Absolute Beginner's Origami." More important than the size is the shape--or... Read More »

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How to Make Origami Paper from Notebook Paper?

Ever wanted origami paper in a boring classroom? This article will(hopefully) help you get that origami paper you want!

Where can you buy origami paper?

You can buy origami paper -- paper used in the art of Japanese "origami" paper-folding -- in a wide variety of places including stores and online destinations that sell craft and art supplies, some... Read More »

Which paper is used for origami?

Almost any type of paper may be used in origami. Certain types work better than others, depending on what is being made. Copy paper, traditional origami paper and magazine and newspaper are frequen... Read More »

Origami Paper Crafts?

Origami comes from the Japanese words for "fold" (ori) and "paper" (kami). The centuries-old craft involves creating intricate designs out of colored paper (specialty origami paper is available but... Read More »