How big is an efficiency apartment?

Answer An efficiency apartment is the smallest and least expensive apartment option available. It is usually less than 500 square feet. Efficiency apartments in College Station, Texas, are 480 square feet... Read More »

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What qualifies as an efficiency apartment?

Efficiency apartments are characterized, most commonly, by one open space without a separate bedroom area, said Clarissa Shaw, manager of Fossil Lake Apartments in Ft. Worth, Texas. "Efficiencies a... Read More »

Can you live in the apartment again even if a marshal seizes the apartment?

No, Your Insurance contract gives the Insurance company the right to settle or defend whichever is cheaper. If the insured property owner interferes with the companies decisions you could forfeit ... Read More »

What is the difference between a studio apartment and a 1 bedroom apartment?

Studio has living and sleeping area combined (I think)

How can you fix a 5200 Haier Air Conditioner in an upper apartment window if water is running down the wall of the lower apartment?

Probably not, but tell me what kind of cushion you have & how long you have had it & I will get you a specific answer