How big is an alligator head?

Answer Average male adult American alligators reach about 15 feet, with females reaching about 10 feet. The tail takes up half of the length of the alligator, the body just over a quarter and the head the... Read More »

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What will happen about 8-year-old son hit his head on slab and got blood at top of head and after medical treatment doctor made 5 stitch on the top portion of his head?

How to Fish for Alligator Gar?

If you are interested in testing your tackle against a 100 pound, prehistoric-looking fish, and have access to the turbid slow moving waters of the lower Mississippi River drainage area, the Alliga... Read More »

How to Catch an Alligator Gar?

Catching alligator gar is possible in the fresh and brackish waters of slow-moving rivers, large oxbow lakes and backwater bayous. Alligator gar are the largest type of gar and use their large, dou... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Alligator Elbows?

Dry, crusty elbows makes wearing clothing uncomfortable, even painful. When elbows experience extreme drying, skin may appear lumpy and uneven, like an alligator's skin. To counteract this unappeal... Read More »