How big is a tatami?

Answer A standard full-sized tatami mat measures 35 1/2 inches by 71 inches while a standard half size is 35 1/2 inches square. The L-shaped RO' cut measures 35 1/2 inches square with a 16.3/4-inch quarte... Read More »

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What is a tatami?

Tatami is a traditional type of flooring from Japan. While tatami is not commonly seen in American homes, it is still popular in Japanese homes today.IdentificationTatami is made of dried rice stra... Read More »

What is a tatami room?

Tatami rooms, known in Japan as washitsu rooms, preserve traditional Japanese style in their use of lightweight wooden screens and woven mats called tatami mats.DefinitionA tatami room conforms to ... Read More »

Rules for a Tatami Layout?

Tatami mats are traditional Japanese flooring materials, created from rice straw and woven, soft rush straw. The layout of tatami mats in Japanese homes supposedly brings fortune or misfortune, and... Read More »

How to Clean Tatami Mats?

A Tatami MatIf you live in Japan, you may have one or more rooms that are very different to what you're used to. Tatami flooring (made of woven straw) is very common in Japan and needs to be taken ... Read More »